Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blog Surfing

While I was blog surfing recently I noticed quite a few blogs where there have been no postings in quite a while. It got me wondering (and we know where that can lead) where are those people? Did they just get bored? Are they sick and can't blog? Nothing happening in their lives? Are they dead?

I realized that if some of the blogs I look at frequently don't get updated on a regular basis, I not only start to fret that my "friends" may be sick or worse, I feel deprived of their company. I feel a little slighted, perhaps they no longer want to share thier life with me. Yes, me personally - not anyone else - just me.

Then I think - oh stop taking this so personally - they might just be busy with their real life - maybe they are on vacation (soup lady) or maybe they have just not found the flow that works for their blog yet (door dyke) or maybe they are soooooooooooo busy they will have a long interesting post when they have some time.

I guess it just leads me to remember something I should remember more often in my own life. When the phone does not ring, or I don't get an e-mail, or a letter in the snail mail for a while, in the time frame I think I should, it does not mean that my friends and family have stopped loving me or caring about me, it just means that they are living the lives that make them interesting and that I will enjoy hearing about it. No matter how long goes by, in the end I will hear from you and will enjoy each story and minute.

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