Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ticker Countdown

Today my ticker countdown for the Colonel's return is at 29 days. Today I complained that I did not feel well. Today I drove my car. Today I was surrounded by people that love me. I cruised the internet. I read CNN.COM, which brought me to this: Obsidian Wings, which brought me to Andrew, which brought me to tears. As I read I wondered how many people that go off to war write a letter to be delivered "just in case". Following some of Andrew's links leads me to believe that many do. My point is that today my life went on as normal, I have never had to think about writing that "just in case" letter, but I am pretty sure the Colonel has and I pray and will continue to pray for the next 29 days that I never have to read "that" letter. Andrew's blog will eventually fade away, his thoughts will become whispers, his Babylon 5 references will become questions in Trivia Pursuit, his spirit will live forever in the hearts of his loved ones. Beauseant, Andrew!

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