Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Now I am not sure who is unclear on the concept, but...  Last Saturday on the way to dinner in the City and we pulled up behind a Prius.  A very ecological car right?  You care about the environment, right?  Always a good thing.  Then comes the unclear part.  Tied to the top of the car in a big plastic bag was a big old Christmas tree?  You will drive a car that gets a billion miles to the gallon to help the environment, but you will cut down a tree that took years to grow so you can put it in your living room for a couple of weeks, not to mention the plastic bag which will be in a landfill for who knows how many years.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Today's paper provided me with two memories from my past.  Hmm... I guess that is where all memories come from, right?  Anyway...

Memory Number 1

Sunny Von Bulow finally died.  After being in a coma for almost 28 years she is finally at peace.  Well, maybe she has been at peace for 28 years and her body just finally gave out, we will probably never really know.  I remember this case.  I was working in Providence at the time at we would walk over to the court house at lunch time to see the goings on.  It was big news in Rhode Island.  I wonder if we will ever know the truth about that whole ugly thing.

Memory Number 2

Waffle mania!  There is a man named Alain DuPont who goes to the farmers market at Civic Center in a bus and sells Belgium Waffles!  He imports the dough cause he can't get it here.  Anyway, my memory has nothing to do with this man, but with another one.  On my first trip to Europe with my friends Michael, Dominic and Anne we stopped in Brussels on our way back to Amsterdam from Paris.  Within a few minutes we found a place that made waffels and Michael ate about 8 of them in a few minutes.  This waffle wrangling made him a little sick and he missed the Scottish hockey team in full dress kilts and my beer wrangling which lead to one marriage proposal, the switching of a kilt for my skirt (and yes, it is true) and Dominic wondering where I put all that beer.

Ah, memories.