Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh where does it end?

As some of you know, I have become a vegan.  I changed my diet in about October and since then I have tried to be very aware of what I am eating.  Well, today I picked up a magazine in Whole Foods called VegNews, which has rocked my little world.  It seems that just giving up animal products is not enough.   That buying organic is not enough.  Now, I have to be aware of where my food comes from and who picked it and who is behind picking it or causing it to be picked.  

For instance, the yummy banana.  Introduced to the US in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial it was very expensive - $2 a banana.  In spite of this, they became very popular as we all know.  Boston Fruit, eventually to be Chiquita, decided to grow bananas in Central America.  To do this they had to clear-cut forests and build rail lines.  Lives were lost, people were hurt.  Then to read that the US sponsored overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz was backed by Chiquita because he had the nerve to ask them to pay fair prices for land in Guatemala!  And I thought Chiquita was just a cute lady with a fruit topped hat.

I have stopped eating animal products due to the awful things done to animals, now I have to worry about awful things done to people that grow my food?  Will I be reduced to just water and air.  Except in the same damn magazine is an article about how we use too much water, the world is running out of water and don't get me started on the air.

Where does it end?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Questions answered

Just a moment ago, my beloved wondered if anyone had gotten the Obama change logo tattoo on their bodies.  My response was ask the internet research assistant - otherwise known as Google.  Sure enough, type in Obama logo tattoo and you get many responses.  People have not only put the logo on their bodies, but his face, his words and who knows what else.

In fact at Fatty's Custom Tattooz and Body Piercing you can get a free Obama tattoo with the purchase of another tattoo.  So, if you are thinking about that next tattoo....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I for one was very happy to be watching the inauguration from the comfort of S&A's living room.  Those people on the mall, lining the parade route, waiting in line of a porta potty, wherever they were, they looked COLD!!!  As I watched I wondered what causes a person to stand out in that cold with no hat on!  OK, Michelle I can understand, balls and hat hair, not a good combination.  But all those standing and watching - you really should have had a hat on.

We did not think we were going to make it to S&A's house in time to see the swearing in, but we ran, well kinda, up those 74 stairs and I will admit it took me a couple of minutes to recover.

Monday, January 19, 2009

January 20th

Margaret is very excited about tomorrow.  Margaret's beloved and Margaret are going to friends house to watch the historic event on TV.  Margaret is surprised that so many people are so excited.  Margaret went shopping today and every checkout person was talking about tomorrow - in a good way.  Everyone seems so excited, Margaret hopes our new president can pull some of the stuff he promised off.

Margaret is going to stop talking in the third person.  Margaret feels a little schizophrenic speaking this way.

Margaret Wonders

Oh, I'm not on my facebook page.  How does one keep up with all this stuff.  I have been poked (what does that mean)?  I have been asked to join other facebook pages - I'm not sure I know who some of them are.  I agonized over what picture to put in my profile - is it wrong to put up a 10 year old picture of when you were at the perfect weight and were have a really good hair day?

Margaret thinks this facebook think may take up far too much time.  Margaret wonders how people keep up with this thing.  Margaret is going to start talking in the third person for everything.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Morning Ritual

Today I read about Irma S. (notice I am not using last names) she lived a life.  She was born in Italy and ended up in California via Ellis Island.  She had grandsons that she taught to cook.  She was well known for her legendary polenta meals.  I thought how wonderful, one of her grandsons actually is a well known chef.  All I remember my grandmother ever cooking was donuts.  They were fantastic chocolate donuts that right out of the oil she would pop in a paper bag full of sugar.  They were so yummy, but I never got the recipe and they will now live forever in my memory.

So, to all of you with a grandmother that cooks, get her recipes!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have spoken before on this blog about my oldest friend, Jolie.  When Jolie died she left behind, among others, two beautiful young girls.  Well, those girls are growing up and one has decided to remember her mother in a special way:

Abby had her mother's name tattood on her forearm.  Jolie Love - I always loved her name and this is a beautiful tribute.

New Year

I can't really believe that it is 2009!  The past year seemed to just fly by.  The year passed pretty quitely for my beloved and I.  I realize while I'm thinking about it, that we are quite lucky.  There is so much that can happen to any of us and the ones we love that every day that passes that nothing bad happens is a blessing.

Crap on 580

Oh, 580 is always such a pleasure.  On Monday I saw a black ballon, the string stuck in a crack or something in the breakdown lane.  As the cars zoomed past, the ballon moved back and forth and up and down.  I wondered how it got there.

I also saw the ultimate in multi-tasking on 580 the week of Christmas.  It was a rainy morning and there was a lot of traffic.  I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a woman driving her car, while eating a bowl of cereal, while reaching behind her to do something to her kid in the car seat in the back seat!  Now, that is talent!  I then spent the next 20 minutes or so trying to get away from her.