Saturday, December 22, 2012

Champagne Anyone?

Not that I am planning to do this any time soon but when I do have a drink those that know me know it will be a glass or two of the elixir of life - champagne!

I am reading a story about Dom Perignon and the creation of bubbly. Since it was first released in 1921 there have only been 37 releases of Dom. That means that the grapes were just not up to snuff according to the celler master. That is right, 54 years when they just said - nope the grapes are not good enough so we are not making champagne this year.

How do they do that? What do they do those years that they do not produce the bubbly brew? They have not had a release since 2003!

So on my 65th birthday I will try to find a bottle of 1996 (the year I stopped drinking) Rose Dom Perignon Vintage for a toast to me.

Hum, got a feeling I better start saving now

Friday, December 21, 2012

Crazy NRA

Are you kidding me?

The NRA's answer to stopping shootings like what happened in Newtown is to post armed guards at the door of every school??

Are they for real??

So there are how many schools in this country? And how many armed guards would there have to be? One at each door?

One at each classroom?

Should there also be one inside of every classroom, cause if you are going to arm the teachers you need to be ready in case one of then goes crazy?

There were guards in Columbine, that did not seem to stop those two fools.

I don't know the answer, but I do know more and more guns is not the answer.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Honolulu thoughts

Things I have noticed on this trip to Honolulu:

No man should ever wear a speedo.

A little kid that wears a bathing suit that rides up their bum is cute. A woman not so much.

I admire women that run, however I do want to stop them and tell them to wear a better bra. The girls will thank you for it.

Sand does get everywhere.

The various guys that light the tiki torches here are NOT created equal.

Lots of Aussies vacation here.

I will go to another island next time.

Loud obnoxious people are everywhere.

Yoga on the beach looks really cool.

Things I have not figured out yet:

Where does the Starbucks food come from in Hawaii? Cause it look just like what I get locally?

Why do all my fingers swell but my toes do not?

Do babies suffer jet lag?

Why are people stupid everywhere?

Why don't some people take their garbage with them when they leave the beach?

Why doesn't every place offer military discounts for boogie boards?

Why do we still have daylight savings time?

Where did Joe propose to Dawn??