Tuesday, September 28, 2010


OK, so I admit it. I was speeding Sunday morning and got popped for it. The CHP officer was just doing his job when he clocked me going 83 in a 65!

I looked up and saw him in my rear view mirror and slowed down, but too late. He followed me for a little bit with no lights on, I think they do that to make you nervous. Then the lights came on and I pulled over into the breakdown lane and I hear over the loud speaker - blah blah blah. So I roll down my window to hear = "do not stop in the breakdown lane. Pull out and exit at the next exit. Do not just pull out into traffic, build up your speed in the breakdown then pull out." So I do what he tells me and get off the highway at the next exit and pull over.

The nice officer comes up and asks if I knew I was speeding. My answer was well, I looked down and realized how fast I was going and slowed down and then I looked up and saw you in my rear view mirror. So, yes I know I was speeding.

So, license, registration and proof of insurance, please and thank you. He hands me the ticket to sign - not admitting guilt just that I received the ticket. Dropping the speed from 83 to 75. Then I will admit he said a bunch of stuff to me that sounded like the teacher in the Charlie Brown tv specials and he ended with "you can get back on the highway right there. Drive safely and have a good day."

My response "thank you officer". What else could I say? I was speeding, not his fault.

So I decided to drive with my cruise control on. I get back on the highway and set it at 64. You know what? NOBODY and I mean NOBODY drives the speed limit. Doing 64 I have to drive in the very right lane, people pass me like I am standing still. About the only people going slower than me are the ones talking on their cell phones.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I'm just wondering has anyone else noticed the resemblance between the California Lt. Governer and Eddie Munster?

Or the one between that messed up paster that wants to burn the Quran and Paul Sr. at Orange Country Choppers?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Raccoon Roulette

Do raccoons come out at night and head for the highway? It seems that over the last couple of days I have seen at least five dead on the side of the road. Do you think they get to the side of the road and wonder about their chances to cross to the other side? What do they think cars are? What happens when they get to the jersey barrier? Do they think "shit, now what?"

I find it very sad that their poor little bodies sit on the side of the road for days before getting picked up, who do you call?

Capture a Moment

Need some photos taken in the Boston area?

Check out this link and give Kim a call.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A sea of sari's

Is there anything more beautiful than a woman in a sari? My beloved and I were invited to celebrate the one year birthday of our neighbor's twins. The party was held at the mom's parents house. They have a large veranda with a fountain in the middle. There were tables set up all around and lots of people. The twins and their older sister were as cute as they always are and we were very blessed to be invited to share in this celebration.

The crowd was full of women in sari's and I was in awe of them all. I felt at one point that I was in the middle of a flower garden surrounded by every color of the rainbow. From the deep red and gold sari of the proud grandmother to the turquoise of the auntie sitting next to me they all moved as if floating.

I am not sure why they all seem so graceful because I know if I was wearing one I would feel like the least graceful thing on the planet, but they all moved as if being moved by a gentle wind. I half expected the sound of bells or wind chimes when they moved across the veranda.

The Obits

Sunday is obit day. I read them and wonder about the people, but if you have read this blog more than once, you already know that.

I have been busted more than once for using a person's full name when blogging about them. Relatives have called me on being insensitive because all they wrote in a man's blog was that he has something like 17 children, 125 grandchildren and 100 great grandchildren and that was all they could say. The man in question was about 94 years old and I don't think it was a surprise that he was eventually going to die and maybe one of those numerous off spring could have taken some time during the man's very long life and asked him what he would like people to remember about him.

I cannot imagine anything worse than losing your child and in Sunday's paper was the obit for a beautiful young girl, just past her 12th birthday. Yes, her 12th birthday and her family was able to share what people would remember about her. Miranda Bosley lost her battle with cancer last week and according to her family she loved art, dance and music.

Her obit reads that she waged a brave and unwavering battle against cancer. I have lost two of my oldest friends to cancer. Martha and Jolie were sisters and I just wish I could understand where their strength and faith and bravery came from when they were sick. They were both surrounded by people that loved them and maybe that helps you be brave? It seems Miss Miranda also had lots of family around her, surrounding her with love while fighting her battle and I am sure they all gave her comfort.

Her picture is fantastic, not many people can carry off looking fabulous in a hat and her smile is contagious. I know that her family will never forget her, but through their thoughtful words about her short life, I think I'll remember her for a little while and hope that she is dancing and making art wherever she is now.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How sad

So today I find out the my eye doctor's sister lives in Paris. I can only imagine having a sibling living in Paris, the city I love. I would be there every chance I found a cheap air fare.

Not, my doctor. She tells me that they went last year for the first time in years.

Just don't get it.

Oh well, if everyone loved it as much as I do, there would be too many people there.

But still, your sister.

When to walk away

To avoid a confrontation a man ran out the back door while his ex-girlfriend was putting a ladder up against his house. He left and she took the chimney cap off and jumped in.

Now me, I might have called the cops. Crazy lady on my roof, please come and get her.

But he just left. Two days later the cleaning lady shows up and notices something dripping out of the chimney. Imagine everyone's surprise when they find the ex-girlfriend dead in the chimney. Well yeah, I guess she would be dead if she was stuck in a chimney and fluids were dripping out of her, huh?

What was so special about this guy that this woman, who was a doctor, so I don't think she was a stupid kid, would get in a chimney to try and see him when he would not open the door?

Or, what was so wrong with Dr. Chimney lady?