Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Wow, just another example of fine Christian values!

Carie Charlesworth has been a teacher at Holy Trinity School in San Diego for the past 14 years. She is also a victim of domestic violence.

Her ex-husband is currently in jail following a January altercation with her. The police were called and he was hauled away. He was let out the next day and showed up at her place of employment.

Carie had gone to her superiors to let them know that her ex-husband might show up and cause a problem. So when he did they were prepared. The school went on lock down, the police were called again and the ex-husband was again taken to jail.

And Carie? She and her four children (they are students at this wonderful school) were sent home on indefinite leave from which they have not been allowed to return from. And the latest blow, Holy Trinity has fired Carie. Why? Because her husband is an asshole.

I really do understand the fact that parents and the school are concerned for all the other students. But what about Carie and her family? How is she supposed to feed and house those kids. Well I guess that is not the Christian community of The Holy Trinity's problem.

It just amazes me. Christian? Really? Christ preached taking care of people, not kicking them to the curb when things got difficult.

And to answer my question WWJD? I sure don't think he'd kick Carie to the curb along with her children to fend for themselves. He would take her in and comfort her and protect her from he ex-husband.

Shame on you Holy Trinity School and every parent there that allowed this to happen.