Thursday, November 11, 2010

580 Rant

OK, this it today's highway rant.

I have never noticed before how many people read on the highway. I don't mean the passenger in the car either. This week I have seen three people driving their cars and reading. Yes, reading. One girl was reading a magazine, one guy was reading a newspaper and the third person was reading a printed document of some kind.

Now we have a hands free law for cell phones (which nobody pays attention to) one would think people might make the natural progression that driving while reading, might just be fucking dangerous!!!

Me? I'm going to start looking for that luxury CLS550 being driven by someone in a really nice suit reading the newspaper and then I am going to get in front of them and step on my brakes.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I won Publishers Clearing House

I won $350K in Publishers Clearing House. At least that is what I was told Saturday morning in a phone call from Richard at the U.S. Treasury Department. That's right. The U.S. Treasury called me to tell me that this was my last chance to collect the money I had won or it would be donated to charity. All I had to do was to call a number to arrange with the UPS Delivery Service for a time to deliver this windfall!!!

So, being so excited I called the number supplied and spoke to another very nice man who told me that I needed to arrange for the delivery of my new found wealth. First I needed to give them a time today that I would be home to receive this wonderful surprise. OK, 2:00 pm would work. Next I needed to provide the name of a beneficiary of my check. Why? In case I die between now and four hours from now? Well, yes. Do I have a checking account? Why? Well, because you will need to have a check ready for the delivery fee. Delivery fee? Oh dear, didn't the Treasury Dept. guy mention this fee? Um no. Oh my, well there is a $360 delivery fee payable to, do you have a pen handy? Payable to David Cook of ???, New York.

Hmmm, a delivery fee for an unexpected sweepstakes winning? Why yes, of course. A delivery fee is necessary to cover the expenses of getting this check to you.

Let me tell you something, I say. If you or anyone else shows up at my house with or without a check at 2:00 o'clock today the police will be here waiting for you.
The response? Click......

I will admit that when the initial phone caller told me I had won Publishers Clearing House I was very excited for a minute or so. I knew is was a scam from about the first moment, but I will say I was sure hoping it was real.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Did everyone forget how to drive over the weekend? I know that it rained on Sunday and rain really throws California drivers for a loop, but today was crazy.

Big accidents on every road I had to be on. Stupid people not paying attention to anything other than what song was playing on the radio.

Pay attention!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Bumper sticker:

I am a proud member of the East Bay Pet Sitters Association.

Who knew? Is this one of those only in California things?

A Nightmare come true

I have written before about my phobia of mattresses on the highway. That I just know that that damn mattress you have tied with thread onto the roof of your car is going to come flying off and slam into me. So imagine my delight when we pulled up behind this on the way to the airport in Albuquerque. All I could think of was how many freaking people will this kill when those straps let loose?

And here for a close up. Where do you suppose these old things came from? Where are they going? I sure hope they got to where they were going without incident.