Friday, August 30, 2013

Car too small or driver too big?

In the past couple of days I have seen something that bothers me.

People that do not fit in their cars.

I know it sounds like a weird thing, but you should watch the cars that pass you pass on the highway.

One of the people that did not fit was a man in a CTS silver coupe.  He was a very large man, his left arm was covering the entire window his head was bent at the neck , like he could not sit up straight.  I wondered why would anyone purchase a car that they don't fit in?

Then there was the man in the Tesla.  His head was so big I really don't know how he got into the car.  Really, I mean it I don't think he could look left or right because there was just not enough room for his big head.


Almost two weeks ago I had a major internet outage at work.  My friends at AT&T informed me that there was a fiber cut in Vallejo.

Vallejo?  What does a fiber cut in Vallejo which is about 40 miles away have to do with my internet access?

Well, they could not tell me that.

I called my Service Rep asking to have my ticket escalated to get it fixed.

Sure, let me see what I can find out.  I'll call you right back.

An hour later I called him back, still no information.

I'll call you back.  You guessed it, no call back.  So I called him back, still no information.  But call the 800 number after hours to get updates on the status of this problem.

I called every hour being told a different story every time I called.  I called until I went to bed.  Then I was back at it at 5:00 am to get a status report.  And was told another tale.  Into work by 7:00 and still no internet.

Called my service rep, no answer.  Called his boss and left a message.  Called my Account Rep, who said I'll get back to you.  The service reps boss called me back to say I'll look into it and call you back.  Never heard from her.

The next time I spoke to my service rep, they still had no answer and he was no longer on the case, it had been given to another rep, who had been emailing me about the case.

I said seriously, seriously - she has been emailing me?  I have NO FUCKING internet connection, how do you think I am going to get email updates?  Really?  Does she have a phone number?

So I called her and she was able to get another person on the call that could actually tell me what was going on and that the cut - someplace in Oakland (where by the way, ATT will not send repair crews to after dark) would be fixed in an hour and we should be good.

He was right, in just about and hour I had internet access.  A 23 hour internet outage was over.

Needless to say there really was a lot more to this story, like the fact they went someone out to my site to check for internal problems when they told me that the cut was 40 miles away or the fact that it seemed nobody I spoke to at ATT cared.

So you can understand that whey I speak of ATT I always do a spitting thing.

ATT spit to the side.  I hate them.

Let's get ready to blog.

I have been informed that I have not blogged in a while.  I started wondering why.  At first I thought that it was because I really didn't have anything nice to say.  But then I realized that my blog is not about nice or not, my blog is about .

My blog is my take on the world, it is not nice or not not nice.

So I am going to just keep blogging in my own special way.

Happy Reading!