Wednesday, November 23, 2011


From the Associate Press:

Authorities have said several members of the group carried out the attacks in September and October by forcefully cutting the beards and hair of Amish men and women.

Amish women have beards?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Overheard today

Overheard outside Lucky's in Alameda.

Two old women standing facing each other. One had her hand on the other one's shoulder and she had a very concerned look on her face.

"They listen to everything you say, so be careful. They know everything."

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Right now every night driving home from work it is dark and there is one bright spot that is standing out. Jupiter is visible, very visible. I look at it while I'm driving and wonder

Do the have traffic on Jupiter?

Overheard today

Overheard, again at Starbucks:

My pancreas just can't...

I really wanted to stop and listen to the rest.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Overheard today

In Starbucks this morning:

My wife called from Mongolia this morning. She want's to come early in about a month and half. I said fine, I just don't want any drama.

So sad - it's over

Well gee it's over.

Kim Kardashian files for divorce after 72 long days of marriage.

That is 1728 hours

If they slept 8 hours a night, that is 576 hours, leaving 1152 hours

So a professional basketball team plays 82 games and a game is technically 48 minutes long, but usually lasts 190 minutes or 15,580 for all 82 games. 259 hours, leaving 893 hours of wedded bliss. Except there must have been some practice right? Couple of hours a day? About 144 hours leaving 749 hours to spend together.

Now Kim must have had some work going on. I am sure doing whatever she does takes some time, lets say 4 hours a day - 288 hours total - 461 hours left.

Now lets add in the time Kim thought about the state of her marriage, I have read that she took two days to come the decision - 48 hours - leaving 413 hours. I'm sure the interview with TMZ took a couple of hours - down to 411 hours

So if my math is correct (and I won't guarantee it) that leaves a little over 5 hours a day to spend awake together. Since they were newlyweds, I sure hope they spent that time boinking like bunnies cause those days seem to be over.