Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Go back to where you came

Mommy dearest and I were supposed to escape from Rhode Island yesterday.  We drove to the airport, got our bags all checked in, made it to the gate.  Mommy dearest was quite please to learn that she did not have to take off her shoes.  Good to know there is an age limit on would be problem makers.

Then we watched as 8 EMT's helped a flight attendant down the stairs of the plane we were leaving on, onto a stretcher and into an ambulance.

Then we listened as the cancelled our flight.

Yup, no backup flight attendant.

So up to the desk to get re-booked.  Their first option?  Fly to Philly, stay there for 7 hours and then finally get to Wilmington at about midnight.  I looked over at my 84 year old mother and thought "that would so not be a good time" and rebooked on the same flight the following day.

Then back out to baggage claim and picked up our bags and then a waiting game for my sister in law to drive to the airport to pick us up to bring us back to her house to spend another night with the family.

Damn it, I stripped the beds.

Social Studies Past

So I am back on the little island I grew up on.  I should never come back here during good weather, it is really beautiful and I miss it a lot.  I must plan a trip back in February, yeah then I'll remember what it was really like to live here.

Anyway, I was looking at my nieces Social Studies book last night.  I was helping her study, don't laugh, I was.  So I page through the book and it is so current!  In fact did you know our last president was Bill Clinton?  Yup, that is right the book goes all the way up to 1993.

What?  Seriously?  Teaching Social Studies with a book that is 20 years out of date?  When you look at the list of presidents in the back of the book, you can see that Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan are still alive.  Since there is no George Bush II listed, does that mean we never went to war?

I just do not understand how they can even have these books still in existence.  How can you teach children current social studies without a current book?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pink trash

Today's trash on 580

Not one, but two little pink snow pants. You know the kind with the little bib and straps.  They looked like they were for a little girl ok I guess they could be for a boy, whatever someone about six years old has lost their ski pants.

They are going to be very cold when they get to wherever they were going.

Another shooting

Again we are all glued in front of the television watching the results of another slaughter of people that did nothing more than go to work yesterday morning.

I don't have all the answers, but I really feel that if it was not so easy to get a fucking gun in this country some of these tragedies might be avoided.

I have to believe that the people that pull the triggers in these senseless acts are troubled.  I have to believe that they must be, because how else do the people that pull the triggers think this is an answer to whatever they are feeling?

Yes, I do know that there are millions of sane and safe gun owners in this country.  The ones that get their guns legally for whatever purpose, the ones that keep them under lock and key, the ones that are never going to open up that gun safe and take a trip to a school or a law firm or a navel shipyard.

My heart breaks for so many in these situations.  The people who are dead.  The person that does the shooting.  The loved ones left behind.  The people that were there and made it out alive.  All of them.