Friday, April 18, 2008

Bumper Stickers

You see them every day, on all types of cars, bumper stickers. I often wonder what it is that makes a person put a bumper sticker on their car especially those that move them from their bumpers to the painted parts of their cars. But I like looking at them so I thought I would share them once in a while. The hard part is remembering them, you can't stop and write it down, I'm thinking of calling myself and leaving a message or maybe I'll just call those nice people at on-star tell them and ask them to e-mail it to me.

There is one I see at least twice a day - one each way to and from work. It is:

"Jesus is Lord" All Saints Baptist Church

In the parking lot at work this one is very popular:

The Labor Movement. You know the people that brought you the weekend.

Today I saw:

Jesus says love your neighbor. I'm pretty sure that means don't kill them.

So, I'll keep my eyes open and try to remember them cause some of them are really inspiring and reflective.

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