Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Most Haunted Place in the US.

No, not the White House!  We just returned from a week in Charleston, SC.  Not only is it the birthplace of moi, it is the location of air craft carrier The Yorktown - well actually it is across the river in Mt. Pleasant.  My beloveds father was a sailor in the mid 50's on the Yorktown and we brought him to a reunion of the men that served on her. 

It was very nice to be able to bring Pete back to a place that meant so much to him.  He enjoyed his time on the ship.  We walked that flight deck and he told us all about what he did and things that happened.  He really enjoyed his time on that ship.

While Charleston is the place of my birth, I have not been back since we moved away when I was about 1.  My Mom, the Colonel and his wife and kids drove down for the weekend.  It was great sharing Charleston with them.  We drove around North Charleston looking for the house we lived in.  We found it, we think and lets just say I would not be living there now.

We took a carriage ride around historical Charleston, heard great stories and saw such beautiful buildings.  We also took a couple of other tours - a ghost tour and a tour of the old jail.  They were both fun and a little spooky.

If you ever get a chance to go to Charlston - GO!!! 


The metal work in Charleston is just wonderful.  It is everywhere.  On gates, fences, windows.   This example is from the Slave Market.  Contrary to what I thought, Slaves were NOT bought or sold here.  It was run by Slaves - they could have booths here to sell products.

This is the Huguenot Cross.  It is in the French Huguenot Church in Charleston, SC.  This is the only remaining Huguenot Church left in the U.S.  Since French is not as widely spoken in Charleston anymore, they offer services in English - it was a big deal at the time.  Now once a year you can hear the service in French.  How lovely that must be.

Graveyards!  Charleston is full of graveyards.  I love graveyards.  Take a haunted tour if you ever go.

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