Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh where does it end?

As some of you know, I have become a vegan.  I changed my diet in about October and since then I have tried to be very aware of what I am eating.  Well, today I picked up a magazine in Whole Foods called VegNews, which has rocked my little world.  It seems that just giving up animal products is not enough.   That buying organic is not enough.  Now, I have to be aware of where my food comes from and who picked it and who is behind picking it or causing it to be picked.  

For instance, the yummy banana.  Introduced to the US in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial it was very expensive - $2 a banana.  In spite of this, they became very popular as we all know.  Boston Fruit, eventually to be Chiquita, decided to grow bananas in Central America.  To do this they had to clear-cut forests and build rail lines.  Lives were lost, people were hurt.  Then to read that the US sponsored overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz was backed by Chiquita because he had the nerve to ask them to pay fair prices for land in Guatemala!  And I thought Chiquita was just a cute lady with a fruit topped hat.

I have stopped eating animal products due to the awful things done to animals, now I have to worry about awful things done to people that grow my food?  Will I be reduced to just water and air.  Except in the same damn magazine is an article about how we use too much water, the world is running out of water and don't get me started on the air.

Where does it end?

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D.D. said...

There is no end to this. . Are we still on for lunch at 'House of Prime Rib"?