Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh Charlotte

Took a trip to Charlotte the week before last.  My beloved had to go on business and I tagged along because I could and I had never been there before.  Charlotte is a lovely city, some nice museums, some great public art:

And the woman Charlotte is named for?  Mrs. King, the loving wife of King George III and the mother of 15.

On Friday we drove from Charlotte to the beach to see Mommy Dearest and the Colonel and Co.  About an hour from the beach, we passed a sign that said Southport and I said that this is near Door Dyke and Spouse A.  Then the next sign was Bolivia, the very town they moved to last month.  So of course we got off the highway and started looking for their new place.  We got to the development and were looking for their street when the phone rang.  My beloved looked at me and said "It's Door Dyke" she looked at me like what are the chances.  So I answered it and DD says "hey, where are you?"  We thought, did they see us, but we are in a rental car, how could they know?  "Um, we are driving someplace, I'll have to call you back, my beloved is gesturing to me".  So then we found their street and dialed the phone.  DD was in the upstairs window looked out and saw us pull in as she answered the phone.  I think her scream alerted the entire neighborhood to our arrival.  It was great to see them and see their new place.  We stayed for a little while and we left for the beach, where they came down the next day and we spent the afternoon together and had dinner.  

We spent the next couple of days with Mommy Dearest and the Colonel and Co.  OK, so I spent time with them and my beloved spent most of the time in bed with a really bad cold.  I got to walk on the beach, spend time with my family and friends does it get much better?

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