Tuesday, July 28, 2009

France Photos

If you are intrested take a look at my most recent trip pictures. The pictures start in the Monmartre cemetary - it seems to be the most used cememtary. Not so well kept as others, but there was a woman sweeping graves and feeding the cats.

Next up is St. Dennis, the burial place of the Kings and Queens of France. You can see the monument to Marie Antoinette and her perky little breasts.

Then over to Montparnassee cemetary, much better cared for than Monmartre and a few more famous people making it their final resting place.

The Rodin Museum, one of the reasons I love Paris. As many times as I have been to Paris, I had never been here. It is small museum and a place where I could picture living. I tried to imagine that at one time there were many of these small mansions all over Paris, with their lovely gardens and beautiful floors.

Then out to the Loire to Patrick and Benny's place (see my previous post). We visited Chateau Usse, said to be the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. We visited Chinon, the beginning of the end for Joan of Arc. We did try to go see the Chateau at Samur - one hint if you go to the Loire, this Chateau is closed until 2013 for renovations, hum... just a reason to go back. And of course, Villandry. Gardens, gardens, gardens.

Mixed in are just shots of Paris and the Loire, hope you enjoy.

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