Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby Baptism

Chief Matron Mare-son and I are sitting in the living room with the fire roaring and watching it rain outside. She was telling me about a friend of her's that has a baby. The friend is not married to the baby's father and is not a practicing Catholic. The baby's father is from Italy and they are taking the baby to Italy to meet family and be baptized. Well the church in Italy won't baptize the little boy unless they have certification from their local parish in the states. And, guess what? The local church won't give it because the parents are not married.

Just another thing I don't understand. The Catholic church won't baptize a little baby because it's parent's are not married? But they will forfeit that little tiny soul? It is a good thing that they changed their stance on what happens to unbaptized babies then. In 2007 the Pope changed his stance on limbo and little babies born of original sin might just get to go to heaven. I say might, because they really aren't sure. They are not saying they go to hell, they are not saying the positively go to heaven, so aren't we just back at being in limbo. Did anything really change?

I always wondered about what limbo was according to the article it is an eternal state of perfect natural happiness, but without being in communion with God. I always pictured little unbaptized babies floating around on clouds, being fat and happy.

Perhaps I have them confused with cherubs?

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Anonymous said...

Tell Mare to get some Holy Water and baptize that little boy herself. If she doesn't know how (or doesn't remember) just have her call me. The Catholic Church just doesn't get it. Here are people that want to do the right thing and they're being denied..WTF!! SMEG