Thursday, June 3, 2010

Money, money,money

Just watching the news and a report on the election coming up next week. There are three people running in the GOP senate race. All three have raised about the same amount of money, around 2.5 million dollars. One of them has stopped his advertising in the week before the election, some feel due to a lack of funds. It seems that one of the candidates has pumped 5.5 million dollars of her own money into her campaign.

In the race for the GOP nomination for governor both candidates have poured millions of their own dollars into the race. I think one of them is out about 5 million and the other a lot more.

Now this race is just to get the nomination to run in November. How much of their own money will they come up with when they run against somebody from the other party for the actual job.

It just makes me think that a candidate should not be able to use their own money to finance their campaign. They should have to raise every dime from the people they want to represent. I just think that eventually only the rich will hold public office if this continues. Oh, am I too late in this concern?

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