Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I won Publishers Clearing House

I won $350K in Publishers Clearing House. At least that is what I was told Saturday morning in a phone call from Richard at the U.S. Treasury Department. That's right. The U.S. Treasury called me to tell me that this was my last chance to collect the money I had won or it would be donated to charity. All I had to do was to call a number to arrange with the UPS Delivery Service for a time to deliver this windfall!!!

So, being so excited I called the number supplied and spoke to another very nice man who told me that I needed to arrange for the delivery of my new found wealth. First I needed to give them a time today that I would be home to receive this wonderful surprise. OK, 2:00 pm would work. Next I needed to provide the name of a beneficiary of my check. Why? In case I die between now and four hours from now? Well, yes. Do I have a checking account? Why? Well, because you will need to have a check ready for the delivery fee. Delivery fee? Oh dear, didn't the Treasury Dept. guy mention this fee? Um no. Oh my, well there is a $360 delivery fee payable to, do you have a pen handy? Payable to David Cook of ???, New York.

Hmmm, a delivery fee for an unexpected sweepstakes winning? Why yes, of course. A delivery fee is necessary to cover the expenses of getting this check to you.

Let me tell you something, I say. If you or anyone else shows up at my house with or without a check at 2:00 o'clock today the police will be here waiting for you.
The response? Click......

I will admit that when the initial phone caller told me I had won Publishers Clearing House I was very excited for a minute or so. I knew is was a scam from about the first moment, but I will say I was sure hoping it was real.

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Anonymous said...

Damn. I was gonna ask to "borrow" some money from you.