Monday, September 19, 2011

Corner questions

Well got a message today from the baby sister that my blog is woefully out of date. Pot calling kettle black,, me thinks. So with that in mind there is one thing that has been making me wonder for a couple of weeks.

I travel the same route to work just about every single day. I come off the highway at the same exit and stop at the same lights over and over and over again.

At the last light before entering a tunnel there is a person with a sign asking for money. Most days it is the same guy he looks like he could use a hand and once in a while I hand him some cash.

But then there are other days when there is someone else standing on that corner.

What do I wonder about? How is it decided who gets to call that corner mine on any given day?

Is there a lottery somewhere? You put your name in a box and someone pulls it out with and pulls your location from another location? Is it just who gets there first? Are there first fights over corners? Where does the regular guy go when he is not on that corner?

Just wondering.

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