Friday, December 9, 2011

People Face/People Ear???

So, I have blogged before about how I have people face. Please look at me and tell me more about themselves than I really need to know.

Well, I guess that extends to ears as well.

Yesterday I made a service call to Verizon and I got a woman on the phone who asked me how my day was going. I answered that it really sucked and how was hers?

She had just finished a conversation with her mother-in-law. It seems that her husband had not spoken to his family in twenty-one years. Can you believe that? Twenty-one years. Last Christmas I told him that I did not care why he was not speaking to them, he needed to get back in touch with them. So he did and now they want them to move back to Long Island. The currently live in Seattle and there is no way she is moving there. It is so hot and wet in the summer she would just hate it. Seems she is the good daughter in law, the other one does not even speak to the mother-in-law and she thinks it might be because the woman is a little over bearing and pushy.

She really did go on for a while and I wondered how does she see my people face thru the phone????

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