Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another idiot

OK, what are the chances.  Two murder for hire idiots in two days!  

So Lesley Dorsett's daughter was married to a man named Moore.  She had a child with this man.  Their marriage fell apart.  Her family hated him.  One day as the daughter was in the house changing the babies diaper, she heard a scream.  She did not worry, she knew it was her father killing her estranged husband.  He had waited in the back yard and hit the guy in the head with a chain.  Once the daughter was done with the baby she went out and helped her dad put her husband's body in the trunk of a car, which he paid someone to torch the next day.

Lesley Dorsett said she took an envelope with Moore's mother's name on it, stuffed it with cash and handed it over at a department store to someone she believed was a hit man. But the supposed hit man was actually an undercover cop.  Imagine that!

So the entire family is in jail.  Except for the baby.  She is in the care of Moore's mother and the Dorsett's are not happy about that.

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