Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Where in the world?

Last night as I layed in bed I started thinking about one of my favorite books of all time.  The Outlander series.  As you may or may not know, it takes place in Scotland.  Claire, Jamie, time travel, 18th century Scotland.  I don't know why I could not remember where Claire finds Jamie after returning to Scotland.  So I pulled out my trusty copy of Voyager, the third novel in the series.  After I thanked the computer gods for e-books - since if you know the series the books are close to 1,000 pages each and are difficult to carry around - and started looking it up.

Well, my friends, she finds him in Edinburgh.  A little print shop on Carfax Close.

After a little hunting, I determined there is no Carfax Close today, that does not mean there never was.  I read over a certain section of the book and started putting things together and Carfax Close was on the Royal Mile.  Jamie and Claire leave Carfax Close to go to The Worlds End pub (we had dinner there on Monday night) and the description is that they go down the Royal Mile.  Now I can only assume that this means the go towards Holyrood.  Since Edinburgh Castle is Up the Royal Mile.

They leave the pub and end up at a small close just UP from the Kirk of Canongate about a quarter mile above Holyrood Palace.

So I know the general area of Madame Jeanne's whore house and the location of Jamie's smuggling busines, which is housed in a underground cavern.  Hmm, sounds very familiar to what we saw on our tour last night.

So today, I will pay more attention and look for more things that are familiar to Jamie and Claire.


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