Thursday, January 9, 2014

Email traffic

Watching the news this morning and one of the big stories is the New Jersey city mayor that had their traffic tied up as retribution for not supporting Chris Christy for governor.

It really sounds to me like little kids that did not get their way, so they took their ball and went home.

What gets me is how stupid these people are.  When are people going to realize that email will catch you every time.  

I have a couple of tips for those of you out there that might want to do something that might be a little unethical or illegal and cause problems if you get caught:

1.  Don't do it
2.  Don't use email to make your evil plans.  You might send that email and delete it right away, but you know what?  It does not go away.

So all my peeps, don't make evil plans to take over the world using email.

If you are involved in such a plan or just one to disrupt traffice, walk over to the others involved and talk about it in very low voices, maybe even in code.  But for Christ's sake, do not use email.

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