Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A good time was had by me!


Well, I just had the most fun I have had all day.


I got a call from a person on my cell phone asking for Carol somebody.  I quickly explained that there was nobody here by that name.  Well, the caller told me I need to speak to the person that belongs to this phone number because their computer is sending us a message that it is infected.


Me:  What??  My computer is infected???


Her:  Yes.  And it is sending us messages and we need you to turn on your computer and open a browser?


Me:  What computer?


Her:  Your computer.  The one that is attached to this number.  Your license information that you got when you purchased your computer is attached to your phone number.  Only you and the computer have this number and it is send us messages.


Me:  Well, if only my computer and I have this information, how do you know what computer is sending you a message?  My computer is infected?  What virus?  What company do you work for?


Her:  I work for Windows Helpdesk support.  No, your computer is not infected, your internet connection is infected, please turn on your computer.


Me:  OK, I have 100 computers, why don’t you tell me which one you are talking about? 


Her:  You mean you have 100 computers using the same internet connection? Then they are all infected.


Me:  But you just said my computer is not infected, my internet connection is infected.  So if I call my internet provider they should be able to help me with the problem right?


Her: If you are not going to listen to me I will hang up..


Me: hello, hello??


There were other things said and the woman on the other end got quite upset and flustered with me and I really enjoyed it.


My point is that if you receive a call like this, DO NOT TURN ON YOUR COMPUTER AND GO TO THE WEBSITE AS DIRECTED.


Oh and fuck with them, it is fun.



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