Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Now Brown Cow

My beloved and I were on our way back from Tracy tonight.  We were driving west on 580 when traffic came to a complete and udder standstill.  CHP came up behind us and cut thru traffic to get up to where the action was.  We could not see very much, then I spotted a cow running east in the grass on the side of the road.  There is nothing really unusual about this since there are lots of cows in this area, the unusal thing was that the cow was on our side of the fence.  The CHP was driving down the breakdown lane trying to I don't know what, corral the cow?  Force it to get off the highway at the next exit?  Find a hole in the fence and force the the cow thru it?  

The scene brought more questions than I had answers to.  How do you catch a cow from the inside of a police cruiser?  How do you find out who the cow belongs to.  Do they wear little id tags like cats?  Maybe the cow has a chip (get it cow chip) and you get it read at a vet and call the owner.  What do you say - um your cow ran away?  We have your cow, come and get it.

Imagine going out to bring the cow home, where is my cow?  Then how do you track down a run away cow?

Anyway, I Ihope the cow got home safe and sound.

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D.D. said...

This is udderly hilarious.