Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Drunk and Stupid

OK, I will admit that in my past I have gotten into my car after having one drink to many and driven. I'm sure that most of you reading this have done the same thing. Everyone around us was lucky, we did not hurt anyone. Last Thursday as I was on my way to Rhode Island my friends Joe and Dawn were not so lucky. Joe's brother was riding his moped down a road in Little Compton, Rhode Island when a 66 year old man hit him with his truck and just kept going. Michael is dead and the man driving the truck is not.

Michael was a quite man anytime I saw him, I knew he was a teacher, an animal lover, an extraordinary uncle and an Oakland A's fan.

My friends will miss their brother, brother-in-law, uncle, son forever. His students past and present will miss him for a long time. His future students may never know the beauty of Emily Dickinson or read a poem and that is another tragedy.

Rest in peace Michael.

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