Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just wondering

Tonight my beloved and I were behind a car from Indiana, the license plate had In God We Trust on it in pretty big letters. Of course, this started me thinking. What about the people that don't trust in god, what do they have on their plates? I don't think so? Or those that question their trust in god, what do they have on their plates? Maybe I trust in god?

So of course I had to call on my favorite research tool and find out. So, in the state of Indiana, you have your choice from 75 different plates. You can get a Lewis and Clark plate, or a Free Mason plate (I thought they were supposed to keep their membership secret), and lets not forget the Black Expo plate. All of which can be purchased for an extra fee in the Organizational section.

The In God We Trust on the other hand has no extra charge and is in the list of standard plates available. I for one would think it should also be included under the Organizational section, cause after all aren't Christians an organization?

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D.D. said...

Does "In rational thinking we trust" an option?