Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesterday my beloved and I went to see the movie Precious. If you don't know this movie, I would suggest you see it. It is about a horrible subject or subjects actually and it might make you cry. You read stories just about every day in the paper about the people that are supposed to protect a child turn out to be the ones that can hurt them the most.

How does a parent go from the person that is supposed to protect you from the world to the world that you need protecting from? The father son bond - broken beyond repair. The mother daughter bond - never existing.

I think that the UK has the right idea, hide the identities of persons involved in a crime. I find the beautiful faces of children staring at me from the pages of newspapers hard to bare, but maybe that is the point. Looking at them, seeing their faces, perhaps we all need to see them, perhaps the parents that were supposed to love them, protect them, help them become adults should be forced to look at their pictures every day for the rest of the their miserable lives.

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