Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hike 6

Hike number 6 began on a beautiful clear and sunny day in Marin at Fort Baker. From the coastal trail that passes thru here you can hike north to Oregon or south to Mexico if your little heart desires. We started here on the bay side of the Golden Gate Bridge

Then a view that it seems few people see, under the Golden Gate Bridge. It was like a patchwork quilt.

At one point you could look west to the ocean and

east back to towards the bridge
and south towards Ocean Beach.

On the way back down looking towards the city.

The views on this hike reminded me of how beautiful the Bay Area is. Sometimes I forget.

Now this hike was four and a half hours long. You hike out as far as you can do in 2 and a quarter hours and turn around and come back. My group did a total of nine miles. Yikes.

For those of you holding your collective breath about when I would take my first tumble, you can let it out. I went down pretty early in the hike, slipped on a wet wooden step and skinned my left knee, tore my hiking pants and lost a bit of confidence, but the first fall is over and we can all relax. And thanks to nurse Amanda and sheppard Steve for their first aid.

I bought new inserts for my hiking boots this past week and I must say my feet do not hurt nearly as much as they did last week. Now if I could just just find inserts for my knees and hips.

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katie said...

those views are breathtaking. i hope i can see those views in person sooner than later!! hope your knee heals quickly :)