Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bumper Stickers

The past couple of days I have seen some very interesting bumper stickers - most of them on the same car. I tried to get a picture of the car, but driving and holding my phone and trying to stay behind the car proved to be too much, so I can only tell you about it.

One of the stickers said:

Love them anyway

Another had the words Catholic Bashing and a big red X thru it

Then there was the fish thing - two little fishes facing each kissing and one of them had a little red heart in it.

Then yesterday I was behind a car that had that fish thing that I guess signifies you are a Christian. This one was the fish symbol with the words N Chips inside of it.

That one if for you Jeanne.

1 comment:

D.D. said...

OMG. I loved it ...even before I saw it was for me!
Catholics are feeling a bit sensitive these days, aren't they?