Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taxes, taxes, taxes

I am so steamed. What about this time you ask. Taxes!!! Well who is not at this time of year, right?

I was told last year that I underpaid the Feds and the State of California.

I set up plans to pay them.

OK, I will admit I ignored them until I could not ignore them any longer and I am now paying them.

Last night on the news they talked about the top 250 delinquent tax evaders in the state. My ears perked up a little, thinking wow I can relate.

Well, I can't relate. The founder of CNET and his wife owe over 13 million dollars. Yes 13 MILLION to the state of California. Now I have to imagine that they are receiving letters every day telling them to pay up or else. I owed way less than this, I mean way less and I got scared when I got those letters and called and did something about it.

What is the state doing to collect this? I would think for this kind of money they would send someone in person to start some kind of collection process. How do you ignore this kind of debt?

I couldn't ignore mine, what am I missing?

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