Friday, July 30, 2010

The future

I was just in a parking lot and parked next to a private security patrol car. It started me thinking about the layoff's happening across the bay area and probably around the country.

Firefighters laid off in San Jose.

Police officers in Oakland laid off - Oakland for Christ's sake.

Police departments for entire towns are being disbanded and the towns relying on far away sheriff's departments for help.

Towns going bankrupt.

Is the future that we all (those that can afford it) live in guarded communities that have their own private police and fire departments? Will there be entire towns, jobs, grocery stores, schools, churches all behind tall walls that block out the rest of the world and are patrolled by armed guards? Sort of like a walled medieval city, protected from the outside world until the outside world decides it wants what is inside?

Will outside these small walled oasis be the apocalyptic world of mad max movies?

The thoughts do not give me warm fuzzies. How about you?

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