Monday, July 19, 2010

The one piece thing

Everything old becomes new again.

It seems that the one piece thing is back in style. You know what I mean. It is a one piece item of clothing that women wear. It is gathered around the waist and it has many different options.

I saw it with shorts, capris and long pants.

I saw it with sleeves, no sleeves, one sleeve, spaghetti straps and no straps at all. That last one was fighting gravity all the way, I was constantly wondering how they stayed up.

I just don't understand, if something in fashion was ugly and didn't really work out the first time around who brings it back?

Does some young girl find a little flowered, one sleeve, short thingy in her mothers closet and just think it is the best thing ever and starts wearing it and other girls see it and so on and so on?

Another thing, if you are going to wear something that shows your bra - the straps, the back, part of the front -WEAR A NICE LOOKING BRA. Do not wear the bra you have had for two years and has been washed 50 times, has lost all the color, the elastic is shot and the lace is ripped.

For peets sake girls.

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