Sunday, March 13, 2011

580 News

My friend Bead Chick asked me the other day why I have not blogging lately. I guess the only reason is that I have been lazy. There is still plenty of crap to rant about, I have just lost my focus. I will try to get it back, because I know my loyal 4 followers have missed me very much.

So, on this note I am sure you have missed my 580 news:

On my way home the other night traffic was pretty much bumper to bumper and two cars away from me (thankfully downwind) a window rolled down and a little boys head came out followed by projectile vomit.

Made me wonder two things

1. How sad, is this a regular thing for this kid?
2. How hard is it to get puke off your car?


Anonymous said...

I have missed you and it's good to have you back. You should get the puke off the car quickly - it'll mess with the paint. I hope you didn't get any on yours. SMEG

Anonymous said...

Gross. Glad you're back, too.
I know if I saw this in front of me I would have laughed so hard I'd wet my pants...oops, gotta run.

katie said...

this made me laugh~ my sister kim would always get carsick and my mom used to carry bowls "just in case". in her case it didn't go away when she got older... still has a weak stomach when she's in the passenger (or back) seats.