Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to you!

August 5th is a special day. My baby sister was born on this day, I will not say how many years ago it was. I will just say it was a good day.

Obviously, it was summer and it was a hot day that turned into a steamy humid night.

I remember my mother was really pregnant and it was a time when pregnant women dressed in maternity clothes. My mom wore lots of A frame sleeveless tops and shorts. I'm not sure if I am making this up but I recall a white top with green circles on it and she wore it with green shorts. I remember thinking she was beautiful.

My older brothers (19 & 18) were just mortified that our mother was knocked up.

My younger brother was mad because he was not going to be the baby anymore and we never let him forget that he is not the baby.

There was a Disney movie playing at the local movie house, I don't remember which one (I'm sure my older sister will remember) I got to see it one night and the current baby was supposed to go the next night, but the new baby decides she is going to come so current baby does not get to see the movie.

Mom and Dad go away and Dad comes back and I remember him making pancakes the next morning, they stuck to the ceiling when he flipped them.

A few days later they came home with a perfect little baby girl. And she was perfect, except for that little cord that was stuck to her belly button. That freaked me out - gotta admit it. Sorry.

We used to sit around and just look at her, all of us. She was a beautiful baby, she was a beautiful young child, she was a cute girl, then she hit her geeky stage, then she became a beautiful young woman.

Today she is a smart, beautiful, athletic, kind, loving woman that I am proud to call my baby sister.

Happy Birthday Suzy. I love you.