Thursday, October 6, 2011


I am constantly amazed at the strength of some people, they seem to be able to take whatever is thrown their way and just deal with it.

I have written of cancer stricken friends before, women I have loved who been handed news that I truly think would cause me to fall down on my knees and weep with dispare, in fact in one case I did fall to my knees and it was not even about me.

I just got home from visiting a friend who got news about a month ago that she was ill, very ill. I wanted to stop by and visit, I had not seen her or her girlfriend in quite some time and I feel in a time of illness if the people in your life don't rally around you, it might just be a sad testament of your life and this is a life far from sad.

Linda is a character, really. She has lived a life that is full of surprises, I will never forget the time she told me about traveling in Nepal in probably the 60's dressed as a man. The stories were great and I loved the courage that must have taken.

I am not sure what I expected to see tonight, but was so happily surprised. I beat her home from work? She is working as much as she can and I thought geez, I want to stay home from work when my hair does not turn out right. But in she came from a job where she is spending the entire day outside – it fucking rained today – getting San Francisco ready for Fleet Week!

On the counter in the kitchen are two big pill containers, you know the kind with a slot for every day. Well these are bigger and badder – am and pm for everyday and then a whole other one with a slot for every day of the month – shit I forget to take my vitamins unless my beloved leaves them out for me – I can't imagine that regime of pill popping.

It all makes me wonder where do these people – Jolie, Martha, Mark, Linda and so many others – find the strength it must take to make it through another day. I am in awe of them, I hope I can be as strong as they are if it is ever required of me.

Linda and Susie Q, live long and prosper because I do, I do, I do believe.

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