Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mattress Mania

Anyone that has read this blog knows I have a thing about mattresses on cars or trucks on the road. I believe not very smart people put them on their roofs not realizing they are murder weapons. Whenever I see one I do everything possible to get away from it before it goes flying off the roof or out of the back of the truck potentially killing me.

So imagine my horror at this story.

I went to the doctor on Thursday and was waiting at the window to sign it. There are two windows and only one had someone at it. That person looked up to me and said somebody will be right with you.

Another woman comes up and sits down, she looks at her co-worker and says "I was just looking at the pictures of Sue's car accident. I am surprised they did not get hurt."

The other woman says "car accident, I thought it was a car fire"

First woman replies "well, it was a fire but it was caused by.... A MATTRESS COMING OFF THE ROOF OF THE CAR IN FRONT OF THEM!!!!!!!!! Emphasis added by me.

Seems that the mattress flew off the car in front of them, hit the ground and they swerved to avoid it as did another car. The second car hit the mattress and it went spinning across the road to end up under their car where it caught fire!

The people in the car were able to pull over and get out of the car before it burst into flames and was a total loss.

I stood there listening to this story and when done I looked at the woman and said "you have just described my worst nightmare!"

I think they thought I was a little unbalanced and perhaps I am, but I think my fear of mattresses on the road is a very healthy fear. I think there should be laws about getting rid of old mattresses like their are for toxic waste.

For pete's sake pay to have that mattress delivered or spend a few more bucks and buy it someplace where they deliver for free. If you are moving, rent an enclosed truck to move those mattresses.

I think people that insist that they can safely transport their mattresses are sadly mistaken and need to stick around when the things go flying. I don't think they do as proven by the number of mattresses I see just waiting to be picked up on the side of the roads.

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