Thursday, April 12, 2012

Me, defend a Romney?

I never thought I would ever defend a Romney, but come on!

Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life? Hilary Rosen, I would suggest you call your mother and ask her if she ever worked a day in her life?

Ann Romney was in a privileged position of not having to work outside the home.

I was in a privileged position in that my mother did not have to work outside the home while I was growing up.

Nobody can tell me that my mother did not work.

Maybe she did not leave home to work, but she was up at the crack of dawn and was the last one in bed at night.

She handled a budget (probably pretty tight), she kept us clean and fed. Made sure we went to school, tried to form us into good human beings, taught us right from wrong, did the laundry, cooked our meals, shopped for our food, etc.

Does the fact that she did not work outside the home mean that she paid no attention to the world outside of it? Or that she was just not smart enough to understand it?

And yes, Ms. Rosen you are working outside your home and raising children which has to be difficult. But really, thinking a woman that can make that choice to stay home and raise her family as her full time job does not know anything about what happens outside her home is just stupid.

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