Saturday, June 9, 2012

30 kids and no $$

I can't find the article right now - why do they remove articles from the web?  A question for another day.

But, it was about a man who has fathered 30 children - yes 30 children.  I am assuming with different women although I can't be sure, since I can't find the article.

He wants a judge to give him a break from child support payments.  Seems he does not make a whole lot of money and needs some breathing room.

From what I remember, he had been in court a couple of years ago regarding the non-payment of child support and at that time had about 20 kids and promised not to make anymore.  Surprise a bunch of kids later he is back in court!

I just don't get it, you got to take a test to drive but you can make a kid with anyone at any time?  I also don't get the women involved.  Do they not know that he is a serial impregnator?  I also wonder if any of them have multiple children with him.  Do they all get together for holidays?

How does he do this?  How do you bring 30 children into the world?  What is his line?

Perhaps he ought to look into an X-acto knife?  Or maybe the women should....

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Anonymous said...

To quote a mutual friend, "And they call us queer!". How about making him work it off? I mean the support cleaning the highways or picking up condoms in the alleys and parks.