Saturday, June 9, 2012

New use for X-acto knife

Alrighty then.  A young man (20ish) decides to remove his penis with an X-acto knife.

Do you know what an X-acto knife is?  It is a small bladed knife and it must have taken him quite sometime to use to cut his own penis off.

They were able to recover the penis and the man was taken to the hospital where they were going to re-attach it.

My question is:  What if he does not want it re-attached?  I mean he cut it off with an X-acto knife, I'm kind of thinking this was not an accident.  You know the way somebody accidentally cuts off their thumb with a chop saw while cutting crown molding.  I'm kinda thinking he meant to do this, so maybe somebody ought to take that into consideration before sewing it back on?

I can only imagine the horror - he finally decides he has had enough of his penis, for whatever reason and cuts it off with an X-acto knife (I keep mentioning that part because I can't believe with all the other larger knives he would use that, but perhaps he was going for accuracy?).  Then the guy wakes up in the hospital and they have sewn it back on - shit... now what?

The police said they did not think he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he he will likely face a psychological evaluation.


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