Sunday, September 2, 2012

Extreme view? Let's hope so.

I am worried.  I am worried what will happen if Mitt Romney is elected President of this country.

I believe that this country was established with a dividing line between the government and religion.  I believe that this line has been crossed in recent years and I do not believe that is a good thing.

I posted on Facebook about the book The Handmaiden's Tale by Margaret Atwood.

This is the story of a woman name Offred.  She is a Handmaiden.  She is only valued for her ability to bear children, that will not be hers.  She is not allowed to read.  She is not allowed to write.  She is not allowed to go outside without permission.  She has no control over her own body or what is done to it.  She is no longer free.

I have been called an extremist by someone I love because I fear this could happen in this country.  Would it happen tomorrow, no.  Would it happen in the next 4 years?  Probably not, but it could happen in the future.  Am I afraid for myself, of course.  But let's face it, my baby making days are way over, but what about my nieces?  What about that beautiful baby girl born to a friend last week?  Where will they be in 20 years?  I fear for them.

"It is heartbreaking to see the way these terrorists treat ... women," said Jan, 68. "In their eyes, a women is an object that they can control. They are scared that when these girls get an education, they will become aware of their rights as women and as a human being."

In this quote the terrorists are the Taliban and this quote is from last month.  Replace Taliban with right wing Christian nut job and you may understand my fear.  When religion takes such a major role in the government bad things happen and usually to women and the "other" people that do not have the same beliefs as the people in charge.

Extreme view?  Fuck I hope so.  

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Anonymous said...

No, we know this could really happen. Substitute Mohammad for every time you hear 'God' bless you, or suggest one is a good Muslim, instead of Christian. I am so over religion and its excuse to crucify.