Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Love George Stephanopoulos

I Love George Stephanopoulos!!  This morning he was interviewing that fucking idiot Akin.

It seems the "liberal" media is trying to start a movement to get him to drop out of the Missouri congressional race.

George - and I am paraphrasing here:  the RNC has uninvited him to their convention, Rush Limbaugh is saying you should step down, Mitt Romney - how is that the liberal media.

Akin - well I am pro-life.  I have voted against Obama care 30 times,

George - you have said by mis using one word you should not be dropping out of the race.  So are you saying that if you removed the word legitimate from your statement the rest of if would be true?

Akin - I realize that rape is a terrible thing (no shit - my comment) and that a person never gets over it (you think - my commnet again) and I do know that a woman can get pregnant from a rape - but I am pro life and I won't apologize for that.  I voted against Obama care 30 times and my opponent is pro abortion.

George - it is a proven fact that the majority of women that are raped are so traumatized and ashamed that they never report it.  Are you saying that abortion is being used by raped women to rid themselves of unwanted pregancies?

Akin - yes, it happens all the time.

George - Really.  You really believe that?

Akin - I am pro life and I voted against Obama care 30 times.

Keep on him George!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love George S! Sometimes I wish he wasn't on GMA because he gets stuck doing dumb ass interviews w/ silly celebs. He's a political reporter to the core. One of the best.