Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cousin love

Today I went back to one of my favorite Sunday morning past-times. Reading the obituaries.

The thing I was going to write about was the phrase "love of her/his life". There were six mentions in today's paper about this and it made me wonder if those are the words of the deceased or their children. Thoughts for another day.

Then I was going to write about Beverley who was a "hoot" and made up half of a handsome couple on the dance floor.

Then I was going to write about Stephen who "passed away peacefully, intentionally and without regret" and what that might do to life insurance, but again for another time.

I decided this week's winner is Patci who did not have to change her name when she married her "life long friend and cousin", yes that is right. Her cousin. One of the lines in the obit is "Mom set sail from this life as she lived it (on her own terms) with trust, strength, courage, grace, integrity and wisdom."

I do think Patci must have had some courage because we all are aware of of the crazy ideas about cousins marrying each other. I wonder if their family was for it or against it? I wonder how many people looked at this couple and thought how fucking weird. I wonder if anyone thought their cousin love would last 52 years. And yes, they had children and grandchildren and there is not one mention of mutants of any kind.

I will admit my first real kiss was with my first cousin. In a tent in my grandmothers back yard during my first and only summer trip to Georgia when I was about 12. Hmm maybe there was a reason it was my only trip?? Just thought of that now.

Now if things had gone in a different direction, well, many different directions, not only would I not have had to change my last name, my husband would have my brother's name. Now that is weird.

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T.M.I.!! Yikes.