Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Recall, but wait.

So, yesterday we get a notice from General Motors telling us that our 2008 Saturn is being recalled for a problem with the transmission shift.

OK, what does that mean?

According to the letter, it sounds quite serious.

"Your vehicle was either built or serviced with a transmission shift cable that has end fitting tabs that may fracture and separate. If the tabs were to separate the shift lever and the actual position of the transmission gear may not match. With the condition, you would be able to move the shifter to Park and remove the key, but the transmission gear may not be in park. You may not be able to restart the vehicle and the vehicle could roll away after you have exited the vehicle, resulting in a possible crash without prior warning."

What will GM do? They will fix it at no charge. Thanks for that.

What should we do? Contact your nearest dealer in January of 2013, to arrange a service appointment.

What? My car may not start. It could roll away and possibly crash without prior warning?

And we have to wait until January to make an appointment. So I don't have to worry about these things happening prior to January?

Well, now off to get into that car and go to work.

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