Thursday, December 6, 2012

Honolulu thoughts

Things I have noticed on this trip to Honolulu:

No man should ever wear a speedo.

A little kid that wears a bathing suit that rides up their bum is cute. A woman not so much.

I admire women that run, however I do want to stop them and tell them to wear a better bra. The girls will thank you for it.

Sand does get everywhere.

The various guys that light the tiki torches here are NOT created equal.

Lots of Aussies vacation here.

I will go to another island next time.

Loud obnoxious people are everywhere.

Yoga on the beach looks really cool.

Things I have not figured out yet:

Where does the Starbucks food come from in Hawaii? Cause it look just like what I get locally?

Why do all my fingers swell but my toes do not?

Do babies suffer jet lag?

Why are people stupid everywhere?

Why don't some people take their garbage with them when they leave the beach?

Why doesn't every place offer military discounts for boogie boards?

Why do we still have daylight savings time?

Where did Joe propose to Dawn??


Annie said...

Hey Margaret:
I guess if I want to start writing a blog, I'd better get used to reading and posting! And, besides, I told you I read yours!

Sounds like a good trip, eh? Except, perhaps, for the stupid people and sand everywhere! I'd say it's part of the whole gestalt and "charm".

When we visited Hawaii with J & P in 1999, we had a great time on Maui. However, I do have to say I was somewhat underwhelmed by Kihei on Maui. Although we did have an awesome dinner at the "crabshack..clamshack???" some shack, where George Harrison had had lunch that afternoon (RIP), and it was the owner's birthday, who was sitting, with a large party, next to us. Here we all are with our t shirts, shorts, flip flops....and get 'escorted' into the restaurant with the valet walking us while holding an umbrella over us coz it was raining, into the restaurant. Then the put us right at the window. Awesome. But felt a bit out of place and laughed about it, a lot!

there was a Harley motorcycle group there that night, too.

Little did we know that they were part of a celebration of the owner's birthday, which included them riding up on the lawn on their Harleys, a staged "Jimi Hendrix" band playing happy birthday and fireworks, tiki torches, etc.....It was a memorable night, to say the least!! annie

Anonymous said...

Which is part of the reason why I loved Hawaii!D.D.