Saturday, December 22, 2012

Champagne Anyone?

Not that I am planning to do this any time soon but when I do have a drink those that know me know it will be a glass or two of the elixir of life - champagne!

I am reading a story about Dom Perignon and the creation of bubbly. Since it was first released in 1921 there have only been 37 releases of Dom. That means that the grapes were just not up to snuff according to the celler master. That is right, 54 years when they just said - nope the grapes are not good enough so we are not making champagne this year.

How do they do that? What do they do those years that they do not produce the bubbly brew? They have not had a release since 2003!

So on my 65th birthday I will try to find a bottle of 1996 (the year I stopped drinking) Rose Dom Perignon Vintage for a toast to me.

Hum, got a feeling I better start saving now

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Anonymous said...

And I hope I'm there with you!D.D.