Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flowers for Jolie

Every year at this time I call The Secret Garden in Jamestown, Rhode Island. I call to have flowers delivered to a grave. The first year that I did this was nine years ago and it was a strange thing to do. The people at The Secret Garden were very nice. They really must get this type of request often because it did not seem to phase them.

I can say that it phased me that first time and it phases me now. I still have a very difficult time making this phone call, but I do it. Every year, I call and ask what kind of spring flowers they have. Sometimes I do cut flowers and sometimes a plant. This year I selected a basket of bulbs in bloom. Whoever I speak to at the Secret Garden is always helpful and never comments at what I put on card.

I know what they look like, because every year I get a picture of them sent to my phone. I don't live close enough to go see for myself, a brother that grieves takes a photo and sends it to me.

I believe that death is not the end of anything, yet that still does not make my heart hurt less on April 11th.

Happy Birthday, my friend. I miss you and hope you are somewhere grand.

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