Monday, April 1, 2013

Into this world

On Friday afternoon our friend Hairdresser Girl went into labor with her first child.

We have all been awaiting the arrival of this little baby for months, well, nine months to be exact.

So Friday afternoon the water broke and it was off to the hospital later that evening.

We - me, my beloved and Chief Matron Mare-son got on the road to the hospital to sit in the waiting room and give our moral support.

We went into see Hairdresser Girl she had just been given an epidural and things were moving along quite well. She went from being dilated to 6 cm to 10 in the blink of an eye.

My beloved suggested that I go and stay with the happy couple (Hairdresser girl and her husband). I was not sure I should go, but she said go and he said go. So I went.

I hung out at the top of the bed, holding her back during contractions and telling her to push and what a great job she was doing. I was told I should look at what was going on, I declined a couple of times and then took a stroll down to the end of the bed.

I saw a little tiny head trying to get out and quickly went back to the top of the bed.

The mom pushed for a couple of hours and as to be expected she got really tired.

Finally a final round started and the mom was ready to get that baby out.

One more push and out popped a little tiny bundle of joy. There were a couple of tense moments before he started to breathe. He had to be taken into the NIC unit for a little bit to clear out his lungs, but soon he was right as rain.

I gotta say that I do not understand how any woman actually chooses to have more than one child. The first one she probably does not really know what she is getting into, but to do it again? That is just crazy talk.

It was an amazing time and I am so overwhelmed to have been a part of it.

And for those that don't think I have a heart, I actually did tear up. Of course it was when the nurse asked if I was the grandmother, but there were a couple of tears.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful experience! Congratulations, Memere! My mom said that she would only remember the pain of childbirth, at the time of the birth. Then agian, in those days, they were unconscious most of the duration. Sounds good to me.

katie said...

what an experience!!!! and... grandmother? you must be kidding. you are a young spring chicken.