Wednesday, December 4, 2013



I am watching Rachel Maddow and she is talking about an organization called ALEC.  Seems they write up laws that then them shop to states.  One of their great ideas?  The Stand Your Ground Law in Florida.  Yeah team.

Anyway one of the things they are thinking about are laws that will punish homeowners that are putting solar panels on their roofs to try to save some money.  Punish them for????  Well, punish them for not using fossil fuel of course.  What?  What?

Now, we are in the middle of having solar panels put on our home right now.  Why did we do it?  Well, to save some money, of course.  But also to maybe we are concerned about power and where it comes from.

You want to punish me for NOT using fossil fuel?  For trying to use a free source of power?

Did you know that in the Carter White House, solar panels were installed.  Yes, in 1979 Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed, hoping to get American's to be less dependent on fossil fuels.  Well, the guy that came after him (initials RR) had them removed.  Yup, you read right.

Well the White House in in the process right now of having solar put back on the roof.

I am confused.

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